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Dubai's Most Expensive Property is Going to Hit the Market for Dh 750 Million


01 Jun 2023

Dubai's Most Expensive Property is Going to Hit the Market for Dh 750 Million

Dubai Real Estate

Dubai's most expensive property is all set to hit the market for Dh 750 million. 

This lavish city isn't exactly lacking in eye-catching buildings. Still, Bugatti Residences, the new project signed by Automotive brand Bugatti with the developer Binghatti is sure to turn the heads of home buyers and investors. 

This ultra-luxury 46-storey tower's top 11 floors occupy each floor, allowing owners to drive their vehicles to their apartments. This property has been priced at Dh 750 million, and Mohamed Bin Ghatti, CEO of Bin Ghatti Real Estate, confirmed it. 

As Dubai's luxury real estate market continues to thrive, this unveiling signal a new era of grandeur lifestyle for residents. The city's vision of pushing limits and redefining what is possible has been realized again as this property prepares to make its mark on the global stage.

Interested buyers and luxury real estate enthusiasts eagerly await when this extraordinary property will be available for private viewing. With its unrivaled magnificence, Dubai's most expensive property promises to captivate the world and set a new benchmark for luxurious living.

Earlier this week, the most expensive penthouse in Palm Jumeirah was sold for Dh 220 million. And in February 2023, a luxury penthouse in Bulgari Lighthouse in Jumeirah Bay Island was sold for Dh 410 million, becoming the first costliest penthouse sold in Dubai till now.

Breaking this record, Villa on Front N in Palm Jumeirah, the most expensive property in Dubai, has recently been sold at Dh 600 million, which sets the next benchmark. Meanwhile, all these records are set to be crossed as the newly launched Bugatti Residences goes on sale for Dh 750 million. 

Regarding the new launch of Bugatti Residences and its record-breaking price, Tarlan Musaev, the CEO of MTR Properties, stated, "With an estimated price tag surpassing Dh 750 million, this property is set to break records and redefining the boundaries of luxury real estate. Beyond a mere status symbol, it represents a lifestyle reserved for the elite and those with discerning taste. As Dubai's luxury real estate market continues to flourish, unveiling this extraordinary property resembles a new era of exclusivity and grandeur. Embodying the city's vision of pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations, Bugatti Residence will make an indelible mark on Dubai's real estate market." 

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