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Natasha Irish
Irish - Agent Coordinator

Natasha Irish

Agent Coordinator


 10 Years




 Secondary Market

Service Area:

 Business Bay, Downtown

About Irish, 

Irish brings a passion for the industry and exceptional organizational skills to provide seamless support to real estate agents and ensure smooth operations within the office. As an agent coordinator, Irish is passionate about coaching and mentoring her team to help them reach their full potential. She leads by example and sets high standards for herself and her team, always striving for excellence in everything they do.

She understands that effective communication and collaboration are essential to success in the real estate industry and works tirelessly to foster a culture of openness and transparency within her team.

With a strong background in sales and marketing, Irish has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and developing effective strategies to drive growth and increase revenue. She is dedicated to staying current with the latest industry trends and technologies and always looking for new ways to improve her team's performance.

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