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Buy Off Plan Properties in Dubai

Search for off plan projects in Dubai to begin your investments right today! Off plan properties from all major developers of UAE – DAMAC, EMAAR, Danube, Meraas, and Nakheel.


What is an Off-Plan Property in Dubai?

An Off Plan property in Dubai is an unconstructed property purchased directly from a developer in the early stage of construction or in the project phase. To purchase this type of property, buyers need to relay on brochures, and other marketing material to learn about the project, its amenities, and the payment plans. Usually, the payment is made with 5%, 10%, or 20% down payment upon signing the SPA and the remaining post-handover. Depending on the developer you choose, the payment terms may get varied. The key reasons to invest in Dubai off plan properties are as follows:

Capital Appreciation

Prices for under-construction properties have always increased faster than prices for completed properties.

Flexible Payment Terms

Off Plan Property developers typically offer flexible payment plans. This simplifies the purchase of off plan projects for investors. 

Golden Visa Scheme

By investing in off-plan properties worth AED 2 million, you will get a chance to become a Golden Visa Holder, valid for 10 years.

Off Plan in Dubai – What You Need to Know?

The UAE continually comes with new projects that offer high-level living standards and redefine Dubai’s skyline. With cutting-edge architecture, world-class amenities, and strategic locations, the off-plan real estate is designed to fulfill various lifestyle needs and investment goals. As you buy an off-plan villa, apartment, townhouse, or penthouse in Dubai, you can ensure a great community, secure living options, spectacular views, and world-class facilities. 

Why Invest in Off Plan Developments? 

Investing in off plan properties in Dubai offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for local and international investors. The key advantages of investing in off-plan developments include: 

Lower Prices Compared to Ready-to-Move Properties 

Underconstruction properties are typically sold at a lower price than completed ready-to-move-in properties. Popular developers, such as Emaar, DAMAC, Ellington, Nakheel, etc., offer attractive discounts and offers to early buyers, allowing investors to enter the market and make wiser investments. 

Flexible Payment Plans 

Developers provide flexible and easy payment plans for off-plan properties. These include a very low downpayment, and the remaining installments can be spread over the construction period, making it easier for investors to manage their cash flow and finances. 

Potential for High Returns 

Regarding capital appreciation, properties under construction are known for their high potential. As the property nears its handover date, the demand increases, and the value of off plan properties tends to rise. This offers substantial returns on investment. 

Secure Investment 

To attract investors and potential buyers to invest in under-construction properties, the Dubai government and RERA have implemented strict regulations to protect off-plan property buyers. Developers are required to deposit the advance payment from buyers in escrow accounts, which ensures funds are used solely for project construction. 

Investor-Friendly Policies in the UAE

Dubai’s real estate market is growing due to investor-friendly policies. If a buyer invests in or buys property under construction worth AED 2 million, they are eligible for a long-term Golden Visa. This adds a layer of security and appeal to foreign investors. 

Moreover, Dubai’s tax-free environment for property investments makes it an attractive destination for investors seeking to maximize their returns without the burden of capital gains and property taxes. 

Investing in off plan properties in Dubai is not just about acquiring real estate; it’s about being part of a dynamic and rapidly growing market. With the right choices and strategic planning, investors can reap significant rewards from investing in this vibrant city.  

Are you interested in investing in Dubai off-plan real estate? Contact us today to get started with lucrative investment opportunities. 

FAQs on Off Plan Properties in Dubai

Yes, it is safe to invest in off-plan development. Buyers are protected by DLD and RERA, and the payments can be made through escrow, so the payment will be released upon the project's handover. 

Yes, foreigners and non-residents can buy properties in Dubai. Whether you are from the UK or India, there are no restrictions to you buying and owning a property in any of Dubai’s freehold areas. 

Reasons for investing in under-construction projects include: 

  • Flexible payment options 
  • Potential for bigger capital appreciation 
  • Promising rental returns 
  • DLD and RERA to protect buyers
  • Lower initial payment & flexible payment terms

If you do not pay installments on time, the developer may impose penalties. However, if payment is delayed for a certain period, the contract becomes null and void, giving developers the right to sell the property to another buyer. The defaulter will receive the paid amount from the developer after a certain period mentioned in the agreement. 

Yes, buyers can sell off-plan property in Dubai after paying 30%-40% of the total amount. This ratio can vary based on the developer. Therefore, it is suggested to confirm the percentage if you are planning to sell your property.

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