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The Design of World’s First Bugatti Residence in Dubai


16 Oct 2023

The Design of World’s First Bugatti Residence in Dubai

Bugatti Residence in Dubai

As we all know, Luxury, Sophistication, and Excellence are the hallmarks of the Bugatti Brand. Well-known for high-performance automobiles, Bugatti has now ventured into the world of Dubai real estate. Recently, Bugatti has unveiled the world’s first Bugatti Residence in Dubai. The design seamlessly blends automotive excellence with luxury to create a living experience like no other. 

A Look at Bugatti Residence in Dubai

Designed to etch a legacy in the world, Bugatti joins hands with the leading real estate developer Binghatti to bring distinctive architecture featured with bold and complex design. The two like-minded brands will create a remarkable fusion of automotive craftsmanship and architectural ingenuity. Inspired by the French Riviera, as well as the sports car, this luxurious building is going to be another feature in the cap of Dubai. 

The 46-level Bugatti Residences will be in Business Bay, taking the shape of a boomerang on the top view and the entire design of the building reflects the designs of Bugatti sports cars. This world-famous residence will house 171 Riviera Mansions and 11 Sky Mansion Penthouses, each carrying design elements inspired the French architecture. The anticipated completion of this construction is 3.5 years. 

Interior and Exterior Design 

The interiors of the Bugatti Residence are a masterpiece of design, functionality, and vision. The residences are spacious with open floor plans. Each residence equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a state-of-the-art home automation system that allows residents to control lighting, climate, and security with the touch of a button. 

The exterior of the Bugatti Residence is a blend of sleek curves, and timeless architectural elements. Designed to resemble the curves of Bugatti-branded supercars, the building’s façade exudes a sense of speed and sophistication. The use of high-quality and advanced materials like carbon fiber, and titanium adds a futuristic appeal to the building while paying homage to Bugatti’s automotive expertise. 

From the steering wheel-inspired doorknobs to the horseshoe-shaped sofa, the residence is entirely designed in an automotive design. 

Amenities Fit for a Bugatti Owner

As a resident of the Bugatti Residence, you will be treated with an array of amenities that reflect the brand’s commitment to luxury and performance. The building features a rooftop pool, a fitness center, a spa, and a private lounge, all designed to provide residents with a five-star experience.


The world's first Bugatti Residence in Dubai is a true marvel of design and innovation. It exemplifies the Bugatti ethos of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, whether on the road or in real estate. With its blend of automotive aesthetics, architectural elegance, and cutting-edge technology, the Bugatti Residence offers a lifestyle that is unparalleled in luxury and sophistication. It is not just a residence; it is a masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Bugatti and sets a new standard for luxury living.

As a symbol of the enduring partnership between Bugatti and Binghatti, this architectural marvel not only redefines luxury living but also showcases the limitless possibilities when two worlds of excellence collide. 

For more information about Bugatti Residences and the units available for sale, contact our real estate agents in Dubai. 


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